Cancellation, Refund and Exchange Policy

  1. If you want to return the goods purchased, please contact us within 7 days from the date of receiving the goods. Please mention the reason and the cause for returning the goods along with some evidence of dissatisfaction or displeasure from the product. 
  2. Upon the satisfied reason and proof of dissatisfaction from the products delivered, we  will decide whether to refund or exchange the products. Depending upon the nature of products and the mutual understanding between both parties( buyer and Everest Art Gallery), we will either exchange the product and re-send it to you or we will refund the money to the buyer as soon as we receive product bought by the buyer provided that product(s) is/are returned in good or original condition.
  3. The amount of money refunded will be excluding the shipment cost and buyers pays the return shipment charge as well. Shipment cost while re-sending the product will be covered by Everest Art Gallery.
  4. It is buyers responsible to deliver the returned goods safe and securely. Any lost or damage of the return products on delivery must be claimed with the involved shipping company. Therefore, we won´t be liable for the lost or damage of the products returned. 
  5. Any returned products/goods sent without our approval or permission will not be accepted. Please send the returned products/goods only after its approval or authorization and it must be in its original packaging.
  6. If you would like to cancel the order please contact us before order are dispatched. 70% of the paid amount will be refunded excluding the process handling charge( 30% of total amount paid). Once goods are dispatched order cannot be cancelled.