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Street Scenes

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This section includes the artworks of street and alleys of Nepal depicting ancient and medival period alleys and narrow street form Kathmandu, Patan and Bhakapur. We offer paintings in different mediums like oil, water, acryic, pen & ink and various realictic, abstract and semi-abstract styles all by nepalese artists.

  • Mordo-Medeival Street
    This is an acrylic colour painting of street scene from kathmandu...

  • Rainy Season
    Drench your wall with this water colour Stree scene from Ason,...

  • Street Scene from Bhaktapur
    This water colour painting of Bhaktapur city from Nepal show narrow...

  • Street view from Bhaktapur
    This black and white water colour painting depicts the view of old...

  • Majestic landscape
    This is a  water colour painting of surrelistic and majestic...