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Browse for Paintngs of Nepalese Men in diferent age group llike old young, teens etc in different medium and styles.

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  • I am Yours I am Yours
    Feel the power of love and convey it to your partner through this...

  • Emotions of Love Emotions of Love
    Emotions of Love lies deep inside the heart but dazzles like a sun...

  • You and I You and I
    Romance is short-lived but Love is eternal and with You and I...

  • In Love In Love
    To be in love is the most beautiful thing ever happen in our live....

  • Love Birds Love Birds
    This charcoal sketch art made on handmade rice paper (lokta paper)...

  • Smoking Sadhu
    It is an oil painting of Sadhu smoking chillum(a conical clay pipe).
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  • Pottery maker
    This is an acrylic colour painting of a potter making different...

  • Sadhu with turban
    This is an oil colour painting on canvas of a  Sadhu (Saint) with...
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  • Circle of Love Circle of Love
    Love is composed of single soul inhabiting two bodies and where...

  • Ecstatic Love Ecstatic Love
    Its truely amazing to be in love, a ecstatic felling. This a...

  • Coy Mistress Coy Mistress
    A figurative sketch painting of romantic couple in love is painted...

  • Wild Dream Wild Dream
    A charcoal drawing expressing about a dream - a Wild Dream. Believe...