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Dal Bahadur Rai(D.B.Rai)
- Born on Jan 23, 1977 in Nepal
- Bachelor  in fine Arts (B.F.A), Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
-First Prize in Painting Competition by CAAN.
-2nd Prize in Painting Competition by AAN.
-3rd Prize in Painting Competition by Nepal Childrens Organization.
-3rd Prize in Painting Competition by ZCN.
-Consolation Prize in Painting Competition by ZCN.
-1st Prize in District Level Art Competition by SrijanShil Youth Club.
-2nd Prize in Painting Competition on the occasion of Prithvi Day.
Group Exhibition: 
 -31st , 33rd, 34th & 35th National Art & Craft Exhibition in 2000, 2002,2003 & 2004.
-Group Exhibition in 1998 by ZCN.
-Art Exhibition in 1999 ( F.S.U. & B Sc third years student at Tri Chandra College) -Art Exhibition in Darjeeling in 2002 by ZCN.
-Art Exhibition in Kathmandu in 2002 by ZCN. -Art Exhibition in 2002 by ZCN.
-Group Exhibition in 2003 by ZCN.
-Group Exhibition in 2004 by ZCN.
-Three men Show in 2004 in Kathmandu.
-Group Exhibition in 2006 in Kathmandu.
-Painting exhibition in Japan in 2005 by Art Association.
-Painting exhibition Trianale of Etching in France in 2006
-Painting Workshop about Quest for Peace by UNDP.
-Painting Workshop at Dhulikhel by CAAN.
-Painting Workshop at Patan by Jaceeys.
-Painting Workshop Maitighar Mandala by Terai Kalakar Samaj.
-Everest Art Gallery, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.
-Japan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Singapore, South Africa, USA, Korea, England, etc.
-Private collections in Nepal and abroad.
Gallery Statement: 
D.B. Rai (D.Rai) is one of the emerging young talented & versatile artists of Nepal and soon to be renowned in art scenario as his works clearly depicts the mastery of his skills and talent in his field. Along with academic qualification of BFA from Lalitkala campus he has participated in different kinds of national & international workshops and exhibitions. With the achievements of different kinds of awards, exhibitions, workshops and his skill and creativity we can say that D.B.Rai is no doubt the energetic upcoming talented artists of Nepal.
If saying few words about versatility in his works, he could paint in water color, oil, acrylic and etching and almost in every medium. So I would prefer to say he is not confined to only single medium or style but is creative and experimental artist. His paintings describes the landscapes paintings depicting Nepalese culture, living style, Nepalese environment and sceneries in various media and styles ranging from water color on paper to etching and semi abstract form of oil paintings on canvas.
In these few years, we knew D.B.Rai as a versatile, creative and skillful emerging artist of Nepal and Everest Art Gallery is proud to have D.B. Rai as one of the major artists of the gallery and feels overwhelmed with pleasure to write few words about him.
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