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Sanju Shahi 

  • Born on 1971 A.D. in Nepal



  • Intermediate in Fine Arts(IFA),Tribhuvan University.


Artist Statement

It's been more than 5 year I have been working as a professional artist, though my career as an artist begins from 1996 AD after completion of I.F.A (Intermediate in Fine Arts). I learned painting from Bijaya Dangol who showed and raised interest on me to step in the Art field. I started to paint and sell it when I was surrounded with some financial problems. I first learned painting as my hobby, due to some financial problem I started to paint and sell it in the market. Since then it had been more than 5 years I had been painting professionally.

My skills and knowledge are not confined to paintings as I have been working as a musician for more than 15 years. But it was Bijaya Dangol who motivated to work in the art (painting) field and taught me painting. He specially taught me to paint birds and animals. As I paint I developed and changed my style of painting.

It's been one year I have been working with Everest Art Gallery since then my skill and confidence have developed a lot. I feel my future is now safe and secure and that have motivated me more to paint. This had leads me to do some creative works as well.

As an artist I feel liable towards my country and promise to do live and die for Nepal.

Last but not least I would request all my art lovers and buyers to contact Everest Art Gallery for all of my paintings as I have been dealing all of my paintings through Everest Art Gallery.


Sanju Shahi (2010)


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