Nepalese Artist Biography – Everest Art Gallery

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Kiran Shrestha

  • Born on 1960 A.D. in Nepal


  • Self-taught


Group Exhibition 

  • National Art Exhibition(1982)
  • "Poetry of Vision" - Everest Art Gallery, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal.(2001)



  • Everest Art GAllery, Bansbari, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Japan, Australia, U.S.A., U.K.
  • Private Collections in Nepal and Abroad


About the Artist

While saying something about Kiran, he is one of the finest and best artists of Everest Art Gallery. His specialty in portrait makes him one of the gems of Everest Art Gallery. Though not much renowned in the artist circle, more than 15 years of his experience in painting has made him probably the best portrait artist of Nepal.

I new him long time before when he first visited to my gallery. Since then his paintings has been one of the most precious assets of my Gallery. While comparing his paintings now and then, I can see a great improvement and development in his style, craftsmanship and artistically. There is no doubt that his hard work and devotion towards his job and field made him perfect. Furthermore, the valuable suggestions given by the gallery also helped him to improve his works.


If to explore specialty about Kiran’s paintings, I would say three things that makes his paintings so special:

1. The selection of subject: Kiran’s subject of paintings reflect the typical Nepalese faces that are interesting and eye catching for all art lovers, like old man, old women, Kumari, child etc.

2. The usage of color: The major specialty that makes Kiran’s paintings distinct from other portraits is his style of using color and its tone. The perfectly matched color in background, the color of skin and its tone make his paintings really of better quality than that of others.

3. The use of light shade and the finishing touch: Another major character of Kiran’s painting is he uses the tone of light shade with his finishing touches so perfectly that it creates a kind of liveliness in the painting.

Besides talking about his paintings I know Kiran personally as an extremely hard working, kind and honest person. There is a saying that "a painting portrays the true character of the painter" For me it is true as Kiran's paintings depict him as an extremely talented, generous and devoted person.

Click HERE for his art works