Nepalese Artist Biography – Everest Art Gallery


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Dharma Jonchhen

  • Born on 1964 A.D. in Nepal



  • Self-taught



  • NCC (Army) training for 1 year and first from Bhaktapur district(1981)
  • Training on Seramic(1986)
  • One and half year Seramic training on Thailand, Korat city, Danqwan Village and involved in making seramic murals    in various houses and hotels and in the same course travel up to Malasia, Penang City.(1991)
  • Since 1996 involved in doing paintings



  • Everest Art Gallery, Bansbari Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Private Collections(Nepal, USA, UK, Australia, India, Singapore, Japan, Bangladesh, Denmark, New Zealand)


Artist Statement

My Drawings and my Sketches are my introduction that features the Nepalese natural beauties, its culturally rich art & architectures.


Dharma Jonchhen



Click HERE for his art works